Voodoo Raven are rock trio based on the Isle of Wight. Bassist/vocalist Jeff Piccinini has played a number of bands touring and recording since 1975 Stormtrooper (UK) | Chelsea (UK) | The Smart (UK) | The Merciful (USA) | S’Cream Tribute Band (USA) | Nik Turner’s Hawkwind (USA) | Revenant (USA) | Voodoo Raven (UK). Terry Eustace drummer formerly of the Jelly Babies. Frank Guiles Guitar and Vocals formerly of the Endless Dream, Dragonsblood and Revenant.

Gig dates

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Any Road

Bar 74 – Ryde – Isle Of Wight
September 16th | 7pm – 11pm


Bar and Venue Newport Isle of Wight
June 10 | 7:30pm

Any Road

Bar 74 – Ryde – Isle Of Wight
August 12th | 7pm – 11pm

Gasoline Rock Club

Bar 74 – Ryde – Isle of Wight
June 10th | 7pm – 11pm

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